Monday, April 21, 2008

Top Ten Cloves: Things Overheard In President's Limo, with Cokie Roberts Aboard, Going To See The Pope

News Item: Reporter's Notebook: Bush on Pope Benedict - President Discusses Pope's Influence During Unprecedented Ride to Greet Him

10. President badgered her, to see if she had any dirt on the Pope

9. President said ride in limo was a reward, for sticking up for big labor

8. President asked her is she's ever been to the Vatican, and if she stole any of the towels

7. President badgered her, having her help him to get on Imus's show

6. President kept teasing Roberts, calling her "Kookie"

5. President asked if it was okay to greet him as "Pope Benny"

4. The First Lady, since she doesn't watch television anymore, didn't know who she was

3. Roberts offered limo ride, due to her support of McCain and Graham, and believing we have to stay in Iraq

2. Teased her some more, whistling the theme to '77 Sunset Strip' (Ed "Kookie" Byrnes)

1. He harped, the whole ride, on Sam Donaldson

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