Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Conservative Journalist, Unaware of Google, Wikipedia, Earns Olbermann's 'Worst Person in the Word!

File this under "dumb-as-a-doorknob".

Man, maybe they gotta start bumping up the pay, over there on Townhall.Com.

Either hire competent people, with the ability to have cognitive thought, or, trainers, to teach them how to use Google Search, and Wikipedia.

For Townhall.Com, that bastion of rightwing freakshowers ("Townhall.com is designed to amplify conservative voices in America’s political debates just as the 2006 and 2008 election cycles begin to heat up ... By uniting the nations’ top conservative radio hosts with their millions of listeners, Townhall.com breaks down the barriers between news and opinion, journalism and political participation -- and enables conservatives to participate in the political process with unprecedented ease."), has a managing editor, for who, apparently, both tools are a complete mystery to her.

Appearing on CNN's Reliable Sources this past weekend ... Well, let me show you how Crooks and Liars put it;

"I’m not sure how the Reliable Sources crew let this ignorant statement by Mary Katharine Ham, blogger and managing editor of Townhall.Com get by."
And what gleaming medallion of ignorance did Mary Katharine Hamm show off?
"HAM: Well, I think Clinton has a duality. You know, he’s the charming guy, he’s the nice guy, but he’s also a guy who’s prone to eruptions and some falsehoods.

You know, he’s like The Incredible Hulk, except he turns sort of purple and blotchy instead of green. But, you know, I think he’s sort of a victim of the - or not a victim, but he’s getting used to the 24-hour news cycle. When he was president, he was not subjected to quite as much scrutiny, and I think he got a lot of passes, and now he’s mad he’s not getting them anymore."
As C&L followed - "Was she even a little bit conscious during his presidency? Apparently not"

Either she is extremely gullible, as in her co-workers pulled a "Yeah, this is how it went down, go with that" prank on her, or she is just tremendously vapid.

"Not subjected to quite as much scrutiny" ... "I think he got a lot of passes" ...


Roughly eight-years since he left office and they're still pounding-the-shit out of him!

This, rightly so, caught the eye of MSNBC Countdown host, Keith Olbermann, and, fit quite perfectly into his "Worst Person in the World" segment.

Naturally, Ham took top honors last evening.

OLBERMANN: Coming up to the last State of the Union address by the 43rd president of the United States, George Walker Bush. Chris Matthews joins me. And the president breaks some kind of record by devoting a large part of his speech to the subject of Iraq for the seventh consecutive State of the Union. That‘s next.

But first time for COUNTDOWN‘s worst persons in the world. The bronze shared by the well-publicized Choate Prep School in Connecticut and Karl Rove, who had to cancel Mr. Rove‘s scheduled appearance as commencement speaker this year. He will come to campus and give an address next month instead.

But the mind boggling part of it, Choate‘s director of strategic marketing and communications Mary Verselli said Mr. Rove had been invited to talk about broader issues, not deliver a political speech. What in God‘s name made you think Karl Rove has ever thought about broader issues?

Our runner-up, Glenn Beck. On TV last Friday after somebody referenced the is Obama black enough nonsense. He says, can you imagine a white commentator saying that? Can you imagine if I had said, is Barack Obama black enough? I mean, I don‘t see that man as black.

On February 12 of 2007 on the radio he said, Barack Obama is quote, “very white in many ways. He is colorless. As a white guy you don‘t notice he is black. So he might as well be white. Do you know what I mean?”

Yes. Sometimes it is not just the dumb, it is the hypocritical.

But our winner, Mary Katharine Ham, the managing editor of the Web site Townhall.com. So lost in radicalism that its headline today insists Senator Joe McCarthy was really great and he got slandered in everything. She was on CNN over the weekend saying former President Clinton‘s controversial role in the campaign owes to the fact that is just quote, “getting used to the 24-hour news cycle. When he was president, he wasn‘t subjected to quite as much scrutiny. I think he got a lot of passes.”

Now Miss Ham, I understand that you were 15 the day that MSNBC was announced and 16 when FOX Noise signed on. But the next time you are going to say something quite this moronic, please ask somebody first. FOX did the Clinton/Lewinsky story from hot and cold running taps, 24 hours a day for two years. We did it about 22 hours a day. And CNN and all the broadcast networks and radio and Republicans washed it through Matt Drudge seven days a week. And we even the Internet back then. It ran on steam and a pass. He got a pass. He got impeached. Like Bret Baier saying Abraham Lincoln left office. He got a pass. He was impeached for less than the new guy does on your average Thursday morning. A pass! Mary Katharine Ham, tonight‘s worst person—a pass—in the world!"
Seeing it in transcript form doesn't quite convey the animation and incredulousness in which Olbermann bestowed "Worst Person in the World" on Ham.

So, let's go to the videotape ...

Olbermann names Mary Katharine Ham worst person

Maybe, on her HamNation thingy, instead of dumping on Barack Obama, she can play a round of "Know Your Presidents", with herself as the sole contestant.

Considering who she works, maybe, she'll get one right.

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