Friday, February 01, 2008

Exclusive: Edwards Endorses!

This hot news comes today from Barry Crimmins' website, and it's pretty funny ...

Crimmins, along with Randy Credico and Richard Corey (son of the legendary professor, Irwin) , were the ones' who got it up

Check out Exclusive: Edwards Endorses!

And speaking of John Edwards, there sits a great deal of irony, that, while he was valiantly campaigning, the MSM either ignored him, or derided him ... Now that he has bowed out, they are now foaming-at-the-mouth about who Edwards will endorse, who the Edwards' voters will support ...

Paul Krugman has a good column on it today

And Jill, over on Brilliant at Breakfast really nails it

For future generations, and political folklore, for leaving his mark, perhaps, we'll have to place "Edwards Was Here" with the same stature, as "Kilroy Was Here" from Tom Brokaw's favorite time, a few generations ago ...

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