Sunday, July 13, 2008

Another Goldbricking Day ... But With Some Bonuses

We're giving way to what is to be a good, summer day (and a family event), so, not sure I will get to posting again later.

Besides, we are pacing the posts, in anticipation of a milestone event, coming tomorrow.

So, rather then just leaving a bland "Editor's Note", we'll throw in a couple of bonuses in, that you should thoroughly enjoy.

Bonus #1

I espied a link in one of the email newsletters I received, of a recent speech given by comedian/actor and all-around talent, Patton Oswalt.

The occasion was Graduation Day at his old high school


So, 1987. That’s when I got my diploma. But I want to tell you something that happened the week before I graduated. It was life-changing, it was profound, and it was deeper than I realized at the time.

The week before graduation I strangled a hobo. Oh wait, that’s a different story. That was college. I’m speaking at my college later this month. I’ve got both speeches here. Let me sum up the college speech – always have a gallon of bleach in your trunk.
Check it out and read the whole thing ... It's sprinkled with some, hilarious killer stuff ...

Bonus #2

Just because it has that kind of feeling today ...

Bobby Hebb - Sunny

Have a good one today!

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