Sunday, July 13, 2008

Today's Forecast - No Snow

Yeah, oh so cold, and heartless ...

Jumpin' on the guy when he'd dead (no, we jumped on him when he was alive, as well).

No doubt, you heard the news, yesterday, the passing of former Faux News anchor and Bush Grindhouse mouthpiece Tony Snow, losing his fight against colon cancer.

Condolences, certainly to his family (and especially to his children; It was noted in one of the slobbering obits, that Snow's mother also went down to colon cancer ... Let's hope medical science gets a handle on it ASAP).

Faux News, likely, had to ponder quit heavily, whether to send Snow off with a Russert-like media tsunami, but, then again, it's Faux News, a Murdoch entity, so whatever happens, whoever dies, it's still about the dollars ... Always about the fuckin' dollars (As Joe Pesci noted in 'Casino').

No tears on this end.

Snow worked for, in his adult life, Fox News and the Bush Grindhouse (in essence, you could say his "work" never changed - just keep obfuscating the truth, lie, stonewall and otherwise smear whoever doesn't agree with you).

That's a SuperSizeMe barrel of bad karma.

With that double whammy on his resume, we're talking mezzanine level in the House of Evil, only a level or two above the likes of Pol Pot, or John Wayne Gacy (but they are building a new wing, just for Dick Cheney).

You can go out to Memeorandum, to catch some of the glowing obituaries.

There are a few, that didn't follow the script, or use the perfunctory "no matter what you thought" line, or shed a William Hurt tear, that you should take a look at.

Libby Spencer, over on The Impolitic offered "Do the right thing - get fired", in her valiant attempt to swing the spotlight over to a more deserving place.

As did LiquidStroke, with "Tony Snow MORE IMPORTANT than Dead Soldiers."

Lastly, our good friend Barry Crimmins gave us his breaking weather alert with "Snow Falls In July!"

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