Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Was It The Surge, or Anbar Awakening, That Allowed Robert Novak To Run Over Pedestrian?

The way the shit is flying
, give the Stumblin' Bumblin' John McCain Campaign a few hours to find something in RWFS hack Robert "No Facts" Novak running over a pedestrian to pin on Barack Obama.

Now, anyone can have an accident, true enough, but what makes this one so deliciously noteworthy is that Novak attempted to get away with it ... He didn't stop and, even after being flagged down, still was making an effort to beat it on the lam.

From Skippy, the bush kangaroo's "bob novak, [bodily orafice], cited after hit-and-run";

Politico goes on to describe novak driving away from the scene, only to be chased down and detained by a guy on a bicycle:

The bicyclist was David Bono, a partner at Harkins Cunningham, who was on his usual bike commute to work at 1700 K St. NW when he saw the accident happen…

Bono said the pedestrian, who was crossing the street on a "walk" signal and was in the crosswalk, rolled off the windshield and then Novak made a right into the service lane of K Street. “the car is speeding away. what’s going through my mind is, you just can’t hit a pedestrian and drive away,” bono said.

He chased novak half a block down K St., finally caught up with him and then put his bike in front of the car to block him and called 911. traffic immediately backed up, horns blared, and commuters finally went into reverse to allow Novak to pull over.

Bono said that throughout, Novak "keeps trying to get away. he keeps trying to go.” he said he vaguely recognized the longtime political reporter and columnist as a Washington celebrity but could not precisely place him.
Or, as Jane Hamsher noted it, the pedestrian was “Splayed Onto the Windshield”.

Hmmm ... Was "No Facts" angry, venting, lost in thought of mayhem?

Did it flash before him, as his black Corvette (who would have thunk that this old hack would be driving a 'Vet'?) approached the intersection, that it was one of the Wilsons in the crosswalk? ... Perhaps Rove or Cheney?

After all, the Stumblin Bumblin John McCain Campaign, just burned him, so, perhaps, as the car first rammed into the pedestrian, "No Facts" let out a scream of "I'll give you a god-damn vice president!" ...

Or, maybe, he met someone recently, a certain someone named Bruno Anthony, who, undoubtedly, would approve of "No Facts" running someone over, and then trying to get away with it.

"I admire people who do things," Anthony would, devilishly, smile.

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