Saturday, August 02, 2008

Is John McCain Buggering Little Boys?

No, he isn't, but that isn't the point.

With the brouhaha this past week, over the negative, and outright false, charges in Stumblin Bumblin' John McCain's campaign ads, particularly attacking Barack Obama for not visiting troops in Germany, and then defending the ad, and the lies, as "creating a narrative", Jill, over on Brilliant at Breakfast takes the SB McCain gameplan, and extends it out.

"Narrative." Even if it isn't true, even if it's utter horsepuckey, they believe that outright "lies" constitute a legitimate "narrative."

I propose we create a "narrative" in which John McCain has a habit of buggering little boys in the choir loft in the Baptist church he makes a point of saying he attends.

So what if it isn't true. It's a "narrative."

Well, like we stated the other day, "Why Do You Think We've Been Calling Him "Stumblin' and Bumblin"?"

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