Monday, August 04, 2008

Six Degrees of John McCain - From Obama's "Energy Policy" To McCain's Media Donuts

Or; McCain, Republicans Riding On Their Spare Donut

Well, again, as we have previously noted, Stumblin' Bumblin' John McCain did put out the call for more humor in his campaign.

Little did we know it would be petty, juvenile, slapstick, that does less to diss or mock Barack Obama, but rather brings out the ignorance of the Stumblin' Bumblin McCain Campaign, and their RWFS supporters.

Not to mention, it flies in the face of one of his possible choices for Vice President, another sitting Republican Governor, the official sport of Redneck Nation, NASCAR, and the Department of Energy (and, if the nitwits bothered to look, I suspect we could add the AAA to it as well; Go to The Jed Report to see a listing of who agrees with Obama, as to tire maintenance)

In case you missed it, perhaps attempting to program your VCR for the upcoming Olympics, Stumblin' Bumblin John McCain, and the Republicans all over, are having themselves a grand old time, believing they are mocking Senator Barack Obama, for his call, during a speech on energy, to properly inflate your tires, get regular tune-ups, as a means to assist and augment saving energy.

Mustang Bobby sums it up in his "Gauging Reaction";

The right wingers are making a mockery of Barack Obama's suggestion that tuning up your car and keeping your tires inflated are a couple of ways to save fuel and thereby reduce our dependence on foreign oil. They're even going to the point of handing out tire gauges at campaign events as "Obama's energy policy."

Say What?

Something as simple and benign as this, and they're dancing and laughing in the aisles of the Dead Campaign Express?

What next, what would they hand out if Obama recommended young children look both way before crossing the street?

Steve Benen pointed this angle out, in his "GOP won’t let go of its new tire-gauge toy";
Consider a counter-example. McCain was talking about skin cancer the other day.

McCain emphasized that skin cancer is preventable, and implored Americans to wear sunscreen, especially over the summer. What’s wrong with this advice? Not a thing. It’s a smart, sensible thing to say.

But imagine if Obama and his surrogates said the entirety of McCain’s healthcare policy is sunscreen application. McCain doesn’t really care about cancer, they could argue, he just wants everyone to run out at get some SPF 30. Those vying to be Obama’s running mate started holding up bottles of Coppertone during their speeches, saying things like, “We want you to wear sunscreen, you know, it will very mildly improve your chances of not getting sick. But wearing sunscreen is not a healthcare policy for the United States of America.”

This, of course, would be insane. And yet, that’s pretty much what’s become of Republican campaign rhetoric of late.
Jesus, talk about manufacturing a phony issue - and they manage to screw it up, on top of it!

And as far as this as being an impromptu, off-the-cuff "prank"?

Al Giordano, at The Field, notes;
It's "the tell" that the "tire gauge" strategy was pre-planned, not as an afterthought to some spontaneous prop wielded by Tim Pawlenty 48 hours ago, but, rather, that once the plan was in place, the trinkets for donors had to be designed and manufactured, while Pawlenty was sent out there as the messenger.
Since the MSM will, in all likelihood, give Stumblin' Bumblin' McCain a pass on this (perhaps adding to the wave and reach of it), we put on our Thinking Caps to come up with something that would capture the moment,

And, Taa-Daa! ... Here it is ...

The Six Degrees of John McCain - From Obama's "Energy Policy" To McCain's Media Donuts

2008 Presidential Campaign - McCain vs.Obama

McCain Obama Speech/Inflate Tires

McCain/Republicans Mocking Obama Speech

McCain/Republicans Passing Out "Obama Energy Plan" Tire Gauges

Low Tire Pressure/Flat Tire/Spare Tire/"Donut Spare"

John McCain Receiving Donuts From Adoring Media

Keep'em coming there, Stumblin' Bumblin' McCain Campaign ... Your boy is so right, we need more humor in the campaign!

And you guys are bringing it in by the boatload!

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