Sunday, September 21, 2008

Handstands, Falling, and Frozen Strawberries ... A Respite

Not sure I'm going to get to posting everything today, so we'll put this down as a marker (and a good one, at that).

In the event you are beguiled, haunted, obsessed, or, otherwise, just curious, about the music in the newest Apple iPod commercial ("I tried to do handstands for you ... I tried to do handstands for you ..."), here it is in full.

From a group, Chairlift (here's their site, on myspace)

Chairlift-Bruises FULL SONG

Rather infectious, no?

And what, you ask do we need a respite from?

Jazz Shaw: The Paulson Plan: Filling in the blanks

Fester: Talking Points for Opposing the lBailout

Damozel: The Apocalypse of Banks Cont'd: The Economic Rescue Plan Rolls On as Skeptics Rise Up to Question the Road Map

Jeff Fecke: Medicine

Anonymous Liberal: Bailing Out The World

Adam Davidson - Now We See It: The White House Bailout Proposal

Top Ten Cloves: Ways John McCain Isn't Like Herbert Hoover

McCain in Pottersville - All's, Hee-Haw, Hunky-dory

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