Saturday, September 27, 2008

Paul Newman Dead at 83

Breaking news, that legendary actor Paul Newman has died.

From an NYT News Alert;

Paul Newman Has Died at 83, His Spokeswoman Says

The actor Paul Newman has died at 83 of cancer, his spokeswoman told The Associated Press. Mr. Newman, whose career spanned five decades, was also a prominent social activist, a major proponent of actors' creative rights and a noted philanthropist. He was nominated for Academy Awards 10 times, and won a best actor Oscar in 1987 for "The Color of Money."
Kind of stunning, as I hadn't been hip to the fact that he has been ill.

For me, and my generation, as youngsters, he would have been the equal today of this generations' Tom Hanks, appearing in dozens and dozens of movies, and always the consummate pro.

Then again, there's a generation, or two that know him as the salad dressing or popcorn guy.

While he won an Oscar for 'The Color of Money', I thought that was somewhat of a "make-up" call ... He should have won it a few years before, for the monster performance he gave in 'The Verdict'.

Paul Newman Dead at 83

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