Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Commander Guy Sees His Future

Funny, looking back at those days, when The Commander Guy would give a speech, before a wildly hooting-and-hollering audience, only to discover that his preferred location to deliver said speeches were military bases and institutions.

Then we have today, where he finds himself with an international group of his peers, the G-20 Summit.

CNN Reports on President Bush - Where's the Love?

I guess those other World Leaders aren't ponying up anything for the Legacy run.

Or, perhaps, they're fearful, touching him could bring about some kind of jinx, that they would go home and drive their countries into the ground - well, at least the parts of it that The Bush Grindhouse hasn't already taken down with them.

From Steve Benen;

It is curious. It seemed as if every head of state was anxious to greet and shake hands with every other, except Bush. It wouldn't have been so jarring if Bush wasn't the only one to get the cold shoulder from everyone.

It's possible, I suppose, that there's an explanation for this that isn't humiliating for the president, but here's a question: what do you suppose the chances would be that none of the world leaders would shake hands with Barack Obama, had he represented the United States at the G20 meeting?
Cold shoulder?

Jesus, there was enough iciness there that would have had Mr. Freeze melting with envy.

I wonder if they made him shine their shoes before the photo, or go out and get coffee for everyone?

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