Monday, November 17, 2008

Top Ten Cloves: Things About The Meeting Today, Between President Elect Obama and John McCain

News Item: McCain: I'll "Obviously" Help Obama With His Administration

10. Surprise for Obama - McCain delivered cookies, baked by Cindy - from her own family recipe!

9. McCain's office sent out Press Release, that the Senator was "suspending" his schedule for the day, to meet with Obama

8. Rules for the meeting? ... McCain limited to only three "My Friends" during conversation

7. McCain conveyed that The Wasilla Whiz Kid was sending Obama some "Good Luck" winks

6. Obama pressed McCain, hard, for how much he'd let the old Dead Campaign Express bus go for ...

5. What's the real scoop? ... McCain whined for over 2-hours, about those 10 Town Hall Meetings, still pressing the issue

4. McCain badgered Obama over a Cabinet post, White House job, anything, for Joe The Plumber

3. Obama said he almost didn't recognize McCain, not having Joe Lieberman with him, to stand off his shoulder

2. Instead of greeting each other with handshake, it was the "terrorist fist jab"

1. McCain admitted he is relieved that he didn't win, and could stay "Divorced from day-to-day challenges people have"

Bonus Obama Riffs

SNL - We Had To Endure Hillary, But Then Came The Obama Files

You Say Lapel Pins ... I Say Lunatics...

Top Ten Cloves: Ways Obama Campaign Can Re-Introduce Michelle Obama

Breaking! Obama VP Call Delayed - Piece of Paper With Name Lost

The "B" List

Top Ten Cloves: Possible Surprising Things Barack Obama Will Do With His Paid Infomercial This Evening

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