Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"Hey, Wait A Minute ... We're Not Your Friends!"

Leave it to the Dead Campaign Express, to generate more of those "final-week-of-the-campaign" headlines, just about all other campaigns would go out of their way to have spikes rammed into their eyes, rather than be humiliated as such.

Dozens Of Call Center Workers Walk Off Job In Protest Rather Than Read McCain Script Attacking Obama

Some three dozen workers at a telemarketing call center in Indiana walked off the job rather than read an incendiary McCain campaign script attacking Barack Obama, according to two workers at the center and one of their parents.

Nina Williams, a stay-at-home mom in Lake County, Indiana, tells us that her daughter recently called her from her job at the center, upset that she had been asked to read a script attacking Obama for being "dangerously weak on crime," "coddling criminals," and for voting against "protecting children from danger."

This worker, too, confirmed sacrificing pay to walk out, saying her supervisor told her: "If you don't wanna phone it you can just go home for the day."

The script coincided with this robo-slime call running in other states, but because robocalling is illegal in Indiana it was being read by call center workers.

Is the Stumblin' Bumblin' Fly Boy rewriting the GOP Playbook?

Already behind in the polls, with just about every pollster that steps on television, you can see the clothes pins through their shirts, attached to their nipples, to keep them from saying the word "landslide", and that the race is over, he wants to add to the long odds, offending people, forcing them to walk off their jobs, because they think he, and the campaign, is repugnant.

File that brilliant piece of strategy away, for 2012.

Steve Benen offers some potential hope;
Keep in mind, robocalls are illegal in Indiana, forcing the McCain campaign to rely on these call centers to spread their smears. If more states passed similar laws, maybe we'd have more call-center-worker rebellions? And ultimately fewer loathsome Republican attacks over the phone?

Now that would be some change to believe in.

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