Monday, October 27, 2008

Down Goes Stevens! ... Down Goes Stevens!

Oh man, who knew the Republican were going to pull out their 2006 playbook, and throw a good, juicy scandal into the election home stretch?

Alaska's Ted Stevens found guilty on all 7 counts

A federal jury on Monday found Republican Sen. Ted Stevens guilty on seven counts of lying about thousands of dollars of gifts and home renovations on his financial disclosure forms, a verdict that ended in disgrace the four-decade Senate career of a man whose imprint on Alaska dates to before its statehood.

It's an almost unprecedented conviction by a jury of a sitting U.S. senator and the Justice Department's highest-profile felony conviction in a sweeping four-year federal investigation into corruption in Alaska politics.
He batted 1000%

From the Anchorage Daily News;
Jurors found Stevens, 84, guilty of willfully filing false financial-disclosure forms that hid such gifts as a $2,695 massage chair, a stained glass window, a sled dog and renovations that doubled the size of his Girdwood home. Those gifts, valued at as much as $250,000 over seven years, came mostly from his former friend Bill Allen, the star prosecution witness in Stevens' trial and the former owner of Veco Corp.
Being that he is up for reelection next week, now, as a convicted felon, he does not pass Go, he does not get to vote.

And, guess who shows up, quite prominently with the now disgraced, convicted Senator?

The Wasilla Whiz Kid!

Sarah Palin Hearts Newly Convicted Felon Ted Stevens

Stevens' conviction will be a problem for Republicans generally, and for John McCain and Sarah Palin specifically.

In July, Palin sat next to Stevens at a press conference, talking about how much she respected him and how his voice needed to be hard across America. And during her gubernatorial campaign, she ran a television ad proudly touting his endorsement.
Be sure to go over to The Jed Report, and check out the videos

And, Mommy Moose will, very likely, pay close attention to this case.

She may have her own "Gift House" scandal to deal with down the road

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Bonus Bonus

Perhaps, in hindsight, Stevens should have watched this movie, before engaging in his 7-Felony-count activities.

Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House (1948)

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