Friday, November 21, 2008

Top Ten Cloves: Ways To Tell Your Neighbor Is Being Vetted For An Obama Cabinet Post

News Item: Barack Obama and the Culture of Leaks

10. They asked you to TIVO the Obama's visit to the White House, and now come over every day to watch, gushing over it

9. Family is listening to audio book "Dreams of My Father", with the volume cranked all the way

8. Your weekly bridge game gets constantly interrupted by Secret Service agents, asking probing questions

7. Clinton friends and supporters have begun threatening you

6. You used to live next door to Michael Vick

5. Rahm Emanuel has already kidnapped their children, as leverage, to prevent them leaking to the media

4. Rather suddenly, family walking around, wearing Chicago Bears jerseys - And you don't live anywhere near Chicago

3. You hear banging, a commotion, and you're neighbor crying, sobbing "But I've never been a lobbyist ... I don't even know any lobbyists"

2. You've seen the book, ''Team of Rivals' on their coffee table

1. Their kids are running all over the place, swearing like Joe Scarborough

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