Monday, November 24, 2008

Is It A Palin Truth Squad? .... Ya Betch'Ya!

Well, it may be that those salad days of shopping, slaughtering turkeys, and inspiring strangers to give a "Thank You" shout out, will be looked at as "the good days".

News comes The Land of the Midnight Sun that Mommy Moose will be getting a look-over that doesn’t send starbursts through the screen.

Mudflats has it in a most creative post today;

Alaska Needs Your Help! In Which I Explain That the Creature from the Black Lagoon is a Good Guy

The boaters realize with growing dismay that the crowd that has gathered on the shore has not come to help them fight off the beast. They are actually cheering for the creature who has boarded the boat! What can this mean?! Why do they hate us?! Quick, offer this thing a sandwiche or something!

But neither the creature, nor the townsfolk on the shore will be deterred. The creature has made itself quite comfortable on the boat, and is now sitting, and has actually begun to row the boat ashore (Hallelujah!) with the intent of delivering the trembling crew right into the middle of the mob of agitated townsfolk….

It’s amazing what can be brought to life with some good old fashioned community organizing. What all this means is that Alaskans for Truth is now an official Political Action Committee, registered with the Alaska Public Offices Commission. And they have issued a call to action.
And what would this "Call to Action be?
Rather than to try to figure out how to get our creature to pull something out of his non-existant pocket, and read an eloquent call to action, I’ll just give you a link to the Alaskans for Truth website, which spells it all out. What do they want?

1. Censure of the Governor for violating the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act.
2. Penalties for the state employees and Todd Palin who ignored subpoenas.
3. Hold hearings on whether Governor Palin and her husband committed perjury in their sworn statement to Timothy Petumenos.
4. An independent investigation into Attorney General Talis Colberg’s alleged witness tampering in the Troopergate investigation.
Hmmm ... Sounds a lot different than the Palin Truth Squad we wrote about, wondering if they got per diems too, and, flashing that big, giant "P" in the sky, whenever someone told the truth about Mommy Moose.

Ahhh , but that was the dwarfs, finks, phonies and frauds Palin Truth Squad.

Here's to the Alaskans for Truth, and their success, so that we can have a quieter 2012, leaving only the other Republican nitwits to fight it out.

Oh yeah, one tip;

Ask about her new house....

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