Sunday, December 07, 2008

"A date which will live in infamy ..."

Today is the 67th Anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

No doubt, you are aware, or familiar with it, even just peripherally, perhaps from seeing "From Here To Eternity" a zillion times.

With all the talk about "Legacy" now, it can be pointed out that, unlike our current Court-Appointed President, after the Japanese launched their attack on Pearl Harbor, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt didn't turn around, invade and occupy, say, New Zealand, or some other small country.

Roosevelt also didn't exhort the American public to go out shopping, as a means to combat the terror.

He rallied the country.

In fact, he delivered a pretty good speech the next day

Day of Infamy speech

Project History has the text of the speech.

You can get more info on "The Official Site of the Attack on Pearl Harbor", Pearl

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