Friday, December 12, 2008

He's Even - Already - Screwing Up His Retirement!

Well, we already know, he's not too hip about using "The Google".

Additionally, it also goes to show what royal fuck-ups the The Bush Grindhouse is;

Developer for George W. Bush library Web site paid $35K to buy back domain name

But the squatters – a North Carolina Web development company called Illuminati Karate – had the last laugh, making a huge profit off an embarrassing oversight by the GOP-connected company charged with overseeing the Web site for the George W. Bush Presidential Library, which will be built in Dallas.

Illuminati Karate paid less than $10 for the www.George domain name – and sold it back for $35,000 to the library's contracted Web developers, Yuma Solutions, who had accidentally let it expire. Illuminati Karate recognized what the library obviously knew as well – that anything else, like www.GWBPresidentialLibrary .com, would have been cumbersome and less than ideal.

Was this website developer, Yuma Solutions, a friendly crony that got handed the job, or, did they go through the proper and standard Bush Grindhouse process, and receive it from a No-Bid Contract?

If they really want to have a on-line presence, a sure-hit, red-hot World Wide Web destination, way didn't they just go with what is obvious to nearly the entire world - WorstPresidentEver?

OOPS! ...

That one's already snagged as well.

If I were The Commander Guy, being that he has bankrupted the country, both financially, and, morally, I would take this domain screw-up as a sign, an omen.

I ain't meant to be.

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