Thursday, December 18, 2008

Take Our Country ... Please!

Boy, this has to really be pissing off The Bush Grindhouse.

A country, seeking another country to come in, invade and occupy them.

What daydreams must be floating in the Office of the Vice President.

You wouldn't have to falsify intelligence ... You wouldn't have to create lies ... Hell, you wouldn't have to out, and expose, covert CIA agents ...

You would have a genuine invitation, the time to put together and create a Vegas-style, elaborate, thematic invasion, complete with all those joyous, shouting (happily) people, greeting you as treasured liberators, showering you, not with smelly shoes, but fragrant flowers.

Why couldn't this have come eight-years ago!!

We speak of the good people of Latvia, via an online petition, reaching out to Sweden for a little helping hand

Latvians beg Swedes to invade as soon as possible

Riga - An online petition in favour of a Swedish invasion of Latvia is proving a seasonal hit - among Latvians.

Fed up with a government that failed to prevent the Baltic state lurching into a serious recession and unimpressed by belated efforts to get out of it, Latvian Roberts Safonovs took the matter into his own hands and set up an online petition calling on Sweden to take over.


At various stages of its history, Latvia has been occupied by Russians, Germans and Poles, but unlike those unfortunate historical episodes, the Swedish occupation which began in 1621 and lasted 172 years is still viewed as a golden age.

The Swedes are admired as benevolent occupiers, improving living standards, opening schools and generally being much more civilized than the Russians who preceded and succeeded them.


While most of the signatures on the petition appear to be genuine, others display the Latvian sense of humour - unless the petition has really been signed by the Latvian prime minister, a director of the International Monetary Fund and US president-elect Barack Obama.

Based on the mega-shit-train The Commander Guy put on the tracks there, in Iraq, I don't believe we will see, at some point in the future, the citizens of Iraq, looking longingly at the U.S. Occupation, and cry out for America to invade and occupy them, again.

Petitioning the Latvians, perhaps with, or without their Swedish overlords, coming in and helping them to boot the United States out of their country?

That, a far-more likely possibility.

Or, maybe, this is just a big ruse by the Latvians, to get some kind of deal on Volvos

(H/T to BJ, over on Newshoggers, for the inspiration)

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