Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Before You ... On The DL, Again

Good Evening Garlic Fans

Hope you are all well, and warm, if that be the case where you are ...

Though, I didn't have as busy a day as President Barack Obama, events here on the homefront have been building up, and I will be light posting for the next day, or two.

Included in the travails is that I injured myself shoveling snow this past weekend (Hip/Thigh/Leg).

While I have battled through it for the past two days, today was a day where that was difficult to do, and with the other things going on, time to sit it out for a spell.

So check in, as there is so much going on, I may pop in with something, otherwise, it will likely be Friday, or Saturday, before I resume normal posting.

Tonight's treat ...

I did have a thought, in case you hadn't heard it enough the past few days, of posting "At Last", but I don't want to be that cruel

No, we go with something from ''Sharky's Machine', a 1981 cop caper, directed by, and starring, to burnish his "Es Muy Macho", Burt Reynolds, as well as the oozing sensuality of Rachel Ward (additionally, former LA Rams football star Bernie Casey, and Buffy and Jody's Dad, Brian Keith are in it).

While it's a Grade B movie all the way, it does have one, ass-kicking, motherfucking soundtrack, a Who's Who of Jazz stars of the day.

Here's two of the biggest.


Before You (Sarah Vaughan & Joe Williams)

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