Friday, January 23, 2009

Top Ten Cloves: Possible Things Obama Administration Can Do With The Gitmo Prisoners

News Item: President Obama Takes First Steps on Gitmo, Considers How to Go About Re-Balancing the Scales (News & Commentary Round-Up)

10. Letting them keep those orange jumpsuits, trash pickers through the entire U.S. Highway System

9. Have them work the Security Gate, of the Purple Section, at the next Obama Inauguration

8. If you can put about 50 of them together, some city must want a new NFL franchise

7. New Fox Program - Terrorist Idol

6. NBC copycat program - Superstars of Terrorism

5. For the ones profoundly tortured, screen Tyrone Powers' 'Nightmare Alley', and pitch the benefits of being a carnival geek

4. Teach'em to sing, form a choir, and give the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus a run for-the-money

3. Let them all go, using the only five words that will keep them straight - Chuck Norris Will Get You!

2. Hmmmm ... Can you say Mariel Boatlift - The Sequel?

1. Train them, to guard President Obama's Blackberry

Bonus "Shut It Down" Riffs

Media Matters: Media advance falsehood that Pentagon has confirmed that 61 former Guantánamo detainees have returned to battlefield

Dana Priest: Bush's 'War' On Terror Comes to a Sudden End

Myca: President Obama Did Something Good Today - 1/21

bmaz: Obama Drafts Order To Close Gitmo; Suspends Habeas Cases In DC Circuit

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