Saturday, January 24, 2009


Well, we're not going to wait for the final gongs of the clock for the day.

We're calling it early, and packin' it in.

We've alluded to this month being being an extremely tough one for The Garlic, a number of draining challenges just rolling in, one-after-another ...

That trend continued this past week, though we did manage to squeeze some posting in there.

So, for this evening, in lieu of something witty or pithy, we have just the thing for a cold winters' evening.


The Antonio Carlos Jobim classic, that quickly became a standard, covered by just about everybody, at some point, or another, including the likes of Sinatra, Ella, Perry Como, and on to Jane Monheit, and dozens-and-dozens of others.

Two renditions have always stood out.

Many are locked into the Jon Lucien version, which is very good (hell, just about everything he does is killer).

This writer has always melted at another, though ... Willie Bobo's, from his 1978 recording, 'Hell Of An Act To Follow'

Living in Los Angeles, in the early 80's, and awakening to KKGO, on the morning on September 15th, I noticed that they were playing an extended set of Willie Bobo's music, and realized, that he must have passed away (he did, the same date - Sept. 15, as legendary jazz pianist, Bill Evans, for whom Pat Metheny wrote a wonderful tribute song, 'September Fifteenth', which I now remember it for Willie Bobo, as well).

I believe you will agree that Bobo nails it, and it is so, so cool.

Grab your sweetie, and get down with some slow, slow, slow dancing!

Dindi - Willie Bobo

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