Monday, January 05, 2009

Editor's Note: Eureka!! ... Fixed, Finally! ... But No Joy In Mudville ...


As you may know, if you've been reading The Garlic the past few days, we have been mired in Computer Hell, nailed (ironically, researching some articles for a post) by a Pop-Up Ad, containing the Vundo Trojan, last Friday, leaving us to a weekend of tunnel-visioned obsession with getting rid of it.

Especially after some funky things began occurring.

While MacAfee, and Microsoft security programs whacked away at it, the Trojan persisted, so today, we searched out some alternatives, testing a few with downloading and scanning, still to no avail.

That is, until we stumbled upon Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware.

Scan, about twenty-minutes later, Trojan Be Gone!

Reboot ... All clear, no dreaded pop-ups from MacAfee that they "blocked and removed" said Vundo Trojan.

And, one of the nasty byproducts, that Microsoft Security Alert, of the Automatic Updates being turned off - Solved!

Thank You, Malwarebytes!!!

The "No Joy In Mudville" part

So, now that we have our system back, up-and-running, properly, and with a bevy of juicy news out there, begging to be riffed on, we have to say it will probably be Wednesday, when we will resume normal posting.

For, as I launched on my recovery mission early this morning, and email dropped in that our old Ding Ho alum, Bob Lazarus, had lost his battle with Leukemia last night, passing away at his home.

If you may recall, we helped promote the benefit show for Laz, late last spring, to help chop down the mounting medical costs, sending the dreaded illness into remission, allowing Laz to return to the stage and start making audiences laugh again, as well as earn his living.

Sadly, the remission was short-lived, and last month, Laz started failing, bucking up for one major stage appearance, at the Steven Wright Hall of Fame show.

You have to go over to Barry Crimmins, and read his incredibly poignant remembrance and tribute to Laz.

Nick Zaino, over on Boston Comedy - Funny Grown Here, also has a post up on Laz, and it includes some great links, including one from Mike Donovan, one of Laz's best friends.

The services are tomorrow, which we plan on attending, and with such, we have one of those intersections life springs up on us.

For tomorrow is the birthday of the Aunt I write about so often, her 96th.

So, while it is not written-in-stone that I don't get a post, or two, up tomorrow evening, I wouldn't rush out to Vegas and lay down any cash on it either.

We look forward to Wednesday.

Jimmy Tingle sitting. Warren MacDonald, Bill Campbell, Mike McDonald and Bob Lazarus

R.I.P Laz!

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