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Our Ignorant Dolt of the Week ... Dick Armey!

Boy, this guy just climbed over everybody to grab the IDOTW title.

He had to bowl over one of the Grand Ayatollah of Ignorant Dolts, the Cheeseburger That Sweats (aka Rush Limbaugh), for his cheerleading for President Obama's failure, which generated a nervous Congressman, Phil Gingrey of Georgia, who at first criticized the radio drug addict, only to come running, waving his IDOTW marker, by begging Limbaugh to take him back into Dittohead Land.

We previously noted Mark Halperin, making a fairly regular stab at being an Ignorant Dolt, and, there was also Glenn Beck, putting his IDOTW credentials on display.

But one guy, just one, lonely, pathetic guy cleared the competitive field this week to say "I want to own, I want to have it coursing through my body, to be one gigantic Ignorant Dolt of the Week."

And, it was none other than the dirty bag former Congressman, Dick Armey.

Appearing on Tweety's 'Hardball' program, facing off against Salon's Joan Walsh, Armey showed, gloriously, how empty and inept the Republican party has become, when he responded back to Walsh's argument about Obama's Stimulus Package.

Transcript courtesy of Crooks and Liars;

Walsh: Who are the income redistributionists?

Armey: Who, what..

Walsh: Who are the income redistributionists?

Armey: Well the biggest income redistributions was a Republican congresswoman, urr. Senator, but Charlie Rangel cracked me up, Charlie said you guys are giving her things that I wouldn't even ask for.

Armey: I don't want to get into that because then the controversy is that Dick Armey is assaulting somebody. There are income redistribitionsts that think they are going to curry favor with a voting blocks in both parties and it's wrong policy whether it comes Republicans or Democrats, it makes no sense. Armey's axiom. Don't let politics define your economics. Don't let politics define anything. Politics is silly, it's inane. Take what amusements you can from them but don't take them seriously.

Walsh: But this is serious business. The economy is a wreck, (Armey laughs) it's been wrecked by the Bush White House and by Republicans in Congress with a lot of help Democratic help, with ( Armey makes more noises and sighs)

Armey: Oh, give it a rest.

Walsh: President Obama, please stop saying 'give it a rest.' Do you have any anything else to say? President Obama has a mandate for change. (Armey laughs again) Your people have stood in his way. They are standing in his way in Capitol hill right now and Rush Limbaugh is making ridiculous statements and Republicans are crawling to him and groveling. That's the state of our economy and our world right now Rep. Armey and it's sad.

Armey: I'm so glad that you could never be my wife because I surely wouldn't have to listen to that prattle from you every day.

Walsh: Well, wow that makes two of us sir, that was really an outstanding comment...

Armey: Look ma'am, you're talking like a paid political hack making your political points.

Walsh: Am I sir?

Armey: Are we going to talk seriously...

Walsh" No, I actually care about social justice, I care about jobs, I care about the economy.
Take a look.

"I'm so glad that you could never be my wife because I surely wouldn't have to listen to that prattle from you every day."

Was he drunk?

What the hell kind of counterpoint is that?

Now, we have long known the kind of scumbag that Armey is.

He rode in on during the Gingrich Revolution, and was one of Newt's top boys, and Source Watch credits Armey "as the main author of the Contract with America"

In the past, he lobbed the gem of calling Congressman Barney Frank, "Barney Fag", and Armey further burnished his Flying Monkey, NeoNitWit stature;

"In September 2008, while commenting about Barack Obama's name, Armey stated that it could "give people concerns that he could be or have been too much influenced by Muslims, which is a great threat now."

Oh yeah, he also supported the Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinians.

"I'm so glad that you could never be my wife because I surely wouldn't have to listen to that prattle from you every day."

Yeah, that really rings in as constructive discourse, one of those alternative ideas the Republicans claim to have, to get our economy back on track.

A barroom taunt.

Joan Walsh, on her own blog, recounted and responded to this ignorant outburst rather sympathetically.

Ironically, there's a quote attributed to Armey;
Politics will sooner or later make fools of everybody.
In Armey's case, he's had the handicap of, not sooner or later, but constantly, 24/7, all-the-time, being a incredible fool

Added to that, for this past week, Dick Armey can also boast of being The Garlic's "Ignorant Dolt of the Week".

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