Sunday, February 01, 2009

Smokin' Frank Rich Today!

"...the Republicans should either lead, follow or get out of the grown-ups’ way."

They gloat over their big "Goose Egg", much with the same elan as The Commander Guy dishing out birthday cake to Stumblin' Bumblin' John McCain, as New Orleanians clung, precariously, to rooftops, their city filled like a fishbowl with flood waters.

Frank Rich's column today - "Herbert Hoover Lives" - lays it all out, that if they can be enough of obstructionists, if they can make it so President Obama fails, well, that is what will save their dying party, which Rich pegs as "At this rate the G.O.P. will be in Alf Landon territory by 2012."

More Rich;
The Republicans don’t acknowledge the need for this transformation, or debate it in good conscience, preferring instead to hyperventilate over the contraceptives in a small family-planning program since removed from the stimulus bill. All it takes is the specter of condoms for the party of Vitter, Foley and Craig to go gaga.

Obama no doubt finds Limbaugh’s grandiosity more amusing than frightening, but G.O.P. politicians are shaking like Jell-O. When asked by Andrea Mitchell of NBC News on Wednesday if he shared Limbaugh’s hope that Obama fails, Eric Cantor spun like a top before running off, as it happened, to appear on Limbaugh’s radio show. Mike Pence of Indiana, No. 3 in the Republican House leadership, similarly squirmed when asked if he agreed with Limbaugh. Though the Republicans’ official, poll-driven line is that they want Obama to succeed, they’d rather abandon that disingenuous nicety than cross Rush.

Most pathetic of all was Phil Gingrey, a right-wing Republican congressman from Georgia, who mildly criticized both Limbaugh and Sean Hannity to Politico because they “stand back and throw bricks” while lawmakers labor in the trenches. So many called Gingrey’s office to complain that the poor congressman begged Limbaugh to bring him on air to publicly recant on Wednesday. As Gingrey abjectly apologized to talk radio’s commandant for his “stupid comments” and “foot-in-mouth disease,” he sounded like the inmate in a B-prison-movie cowering before the warden after a failed jailbreak.

That they take their marching orders from a fat drug addict, I suppose, isn't so astounding, considering they selected The Wasilla Whiz Kid for their ticket in the last election.

A "Limbaugh with Lipstick", as it were.

The word "serious" doesn't seem to making its' way into their talking points.

As Obama’s campaign manager, David Plouffe, said last week;
“It’s almost as if the election didn’t happen and that the message wasn’t received: that people in Washington need to cooperate a lot more than they have in the past.”
Maybe they need to tweak The Commander Guy's mantra, from "You're either with us, or against us", to "We're not with you, and we are against you"

They sure be playin' it that way

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