Friday, April 10, 2009

WOW! - This Is Major Cool

H/T to Greg Mitchell, pointing to the first, electronically-delivered daily newspaper - IN 1939!

First Daily Newspaper by Radio Facsimile

For more than a month experimental laboratory broadcasts of printed matter, photographs and cartoons have been in progress and results have been studied by engineers of KSD, commercial broadcasting station of the Post-Dispatch. During the last few weeks...they have been recorded on 15 receiving sets placed in the homes of members of the station's staff.

These sets, manufactured by the Radio Corporation of America, are the first capable of receiving high-frequency facsimile broadcasts, permitting station operation at any hour of the day. Experimental equipment in use by a few other stations employed standard broadcast wavelengths, restricting the period of their use to the early morning hours when regular commercial broadcasting stations were quiet.

Within the next month the manufacturer expects to be able to supply receivers at a cost of about $260. Several will be placed in public places for demonstration. The range of station W9XZY is from 20 to 30 miles.
Go check out First Daily Newspaper by Radio Facsimile ... It is way major cool!

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