Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Follow-Up To Screwing JP Morgan Chase (and others)

Well, things are moving along at a brisk pace.

Just last evening, highlighting the plight of Mr. and Mrs. Emptywheel, from Firedoglake, news is busting out all over today, on some protestin' and activism taking place soon.

From Jane Hamsher;
Want to Join Marcy and Me to Protest Banks on Saturday, April 11?

On Saturday, April 11, there are going to be demonstrations all across America to protest what the banks are doing to the country.

No, not the stupid teabagger protests, where people who never cared about George Bush spending like a drunken sailor are suddenly "fiscally responsible," and want to hold hands and blame black people for taking out subprime loans. We're joining with A New Way Forward to demand real structural change to our financial system


We'll be talking about our campaign with Progress Michigan to boycott JP Morgan for trying to break the labor contracts and keep all the money for themselves by driving Chrysler into bankruptcy, even though they themselves are only alive because of $25 billion in taxpayer dollars.
There's a petition you can sign, and a Facebook Group you can join.

No prisoners!

Bonus Riffs

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