Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Are You Going With Me?

Yes, another long, tough day at the hospital, Garlic Fans.

The Aunt, she's doing very well, and made it through her big test today.

She's resting comfortably, vital signs are good, and, if all stays well, will return home tomorrow.

The cumbersome part of this has been dealing with hospital administrators, their Social Services, who are attempting to railroad the Aunt into a "short-term rehab center" (that would be anything but), when the best for her is coming home.

They've been running various people at me with this dribble, and we have been beating them back (and, we fully expect another barrage from them tomorrow).

So, we needed something to chill out with this evening, and we turned to Pat Metheny for that ...

Likely, it won't be until the weekend, before resuming normal (or something like that) posting (not that we are empty on some ideas - there's some prime, head-slapping stuff happening, that is just begging for some riffs).

Groove on the music, and talk among yourselves ...

PAT METHENY GROUP: "Are You Going With Me?" (Live)

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