Friday, May 15, 2009


Well, the Aunt is home!

We busted her out of the hospital last evening, however, we were too exhausted to post it

The check-out went fairly smoothly, the battle prepared for didn't materialize, and it all went very well.

She was happy, and laughing as she retired to bed.

Today was consumed with dealing with her, getting her settled in, start routines again (as best we could) and, for most part, it went better than expected.

She ebbed a bit, as the day wore on, but, otherwise, was in reasonably good spirits.

I can't predict just how the weekend will play out, however, we will endeavor to get some regular posting done

In the meantime, having had the pleasure to see the original cast, in NYC, we turn to Stephanie Mills for this evenings' musical offer, and her monster tune from ''The Wiz', to herald the occasion.


Stephanie Mills - Home

Home - Stephanie Mills

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