Saturday, May 16, 2009

Viva Tirado

Well, we're still pulling some heavy duty today, getting Aunt settled in.

Little time (and too tired) to get back in to the creative posting mood today (though, we have a few things lined up, sort'a like practice swings, limbering up, as it were, for tomorrow - hopefully).

With it being Saturday night, we figured we have to kick up the music offering, and we've got just the gem for that ...

Viva Tirado, from the Fania All Stars.

It's tune written by (more-or-less, a signature of) the legendary Gerald Wilson, one of the giants of Bebop, still fronting his own band, a monster composer/arranger.

So, put your groove on, and kick it up! ... This one definitely has some extra sauce on it ...

Viva Tirado - Fania All-Stars

(You can go HERE, to check out the Gerald Wilson Orchestra's rendition of it)

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