Thursday, June 25, 2009

We Told You Some Buns Would Be Steamed

Holy Mustard and Relish, Batman!

We didn't even have time to let this stew into a Retro Garlic post.

Just the other evening, we posted "This Is Going To Steam A Lot of Buns", about the Obama White House, and State Department's plans to invite Iranian officials to July 4th festivities.

Then, lo-and-behold, we see this out on the WWW;

Officials: President Obama reconsidering July 4 invitations to Iran

The Obama administration is seriously considering not extending invitations to Iranian diplomats for July 4 celebrations overseas, senior administration officials tell CNN.

The officials said intense discussions on the issue were taking place, but the final decision had not been made.


The Obama administration had decided to invite Iranians to the celebrations at overseas posts as part of President Obama's policy of engaging the Iranian regime.

As part of that engagement Obama videotaped a message for the Iranian people on the Persian New year and U.S. officials have engaged members of the Iranian government.


But officials said the violence against protesters that has ensued since the June 12 election has caused the administration to rethink the timing of such engagement.

One senior administration official said Wednesday the reconsideration of the July 4th invitations is consistent with Obama's comments Tuesday, in which he said he was "shocked and appalled" at the violence against demonstrators.
And, today, the confirmation;

No Hot Dogs For You

WH rescinds July 4 invites to Iranians


Likely, standing around the barbecue, cracking heads, torturing and killing citizens might put a damper on generating the small talk;
The torture of a 17-year-old in Iran ... A teenager's story, with graphic photos, of abuse at the hands of Iran's religious paramilitaries, the Basij

Unimaginable Horror In Tehran Today

Hey, there's always Columbus Day to shoot for ...

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