Monday, June 22, 2009

Top Ten Cloves: Possible Reasons There Was More Votes Than Voters In Iran

News Item: Worst. Damage Control. Ever

10. Looking back over the old Shah of Iran's playbook, to see what went wrong

9. Surprisingly, Ralph Nader got about 4% of the over-vote

8. Ballot-stuffing teams didn't stop to watch Susan Boyle

7. It was a sign, for Ahmandinejad to get almost a 2-1 ratio of votes, that he successfully employed Karl Rove's New Math

6. Ken Blackwell was seen, hanging around the Vote-Counting room

5. Supreme Leader didn't want to spend the money to do the "purple-finger" thing

4. Was a condition, for Ahmandinejad to name Dick Cheney as the head of his committee to vet the Vice President slot

3. CIA got wires crossed, thought Obama White House wanted to keep Ahmandinejad in office

2. Actually, some of the Die-Bold machines crashed, as a 3-1 ratio for Ahmandinejad was what was planned

1. Since everyone is using Twitter, thought that everyone got 140 votes each

Bonus Iran Riffs

Prairie Weather: "Oops. We screwed up. But that doesn't change the results of the vote."


NYT: Iranian Guards Issue Warning as Vote Errors Are Admitted

Robin Wright: In Iran, One Woman's Death May Have Many Consequences

James Joyner: 'Watching the Fall of Islamic Theocracy'

Steve Clemons: Khamenei's Mystique Shattered in Eyes of Iranians


"It's Now All of Iran!"

Somebody Check Jim Baker's Passport!

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