Monday, July 27, 2009

Well, It Hasn't Really Been A Vacation ...

Good Evening Garlic Fans;

We trust that you are, wherever you are, hopefully, enjoying the Summer season (it's, finally, heated up here in the Northeast, big-time).

As you have seen, we have posted very lightly over the past week.

Not necessarily planned, more so, just the confluence of a few different factors, including the above-referenced heat, taking care of some things on the homefront, and, the arduous task of, while continuing to juggle things, recharge the batteries.

We may go light again this week, make it a more official break, but don't bet the house on that.

Too much is going on, to sit on the sidelines

So, keep popping in, to see if we do have any surprises.

And, as always, a thousand-and-one thanks for reading The Garlic.


Bonus Bonus

Fortunately, we found this old favorite out on-line, to help with the chill-down stuff ...

Herbie Mann - Comin' Home Baby

Comin Home Baby - Herbie Mann

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