Friday, July 31, 2009

Must Read! ... A Beer with Obama

John Kenney, over on 'The New Yorker', has a most humorous post up, riffing on last nights' Beer-and-Pony Show'

Here's a snip;

"A Beer with Obama"

The Oval Office. Late. President Obama sits across from Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr., and Officer James Crowley, who share a couch. They sit amidst several empty beer bottles. No one’s wearing shoes.


OBAMA: I like giving speeches. I like press conferences.

CROWLEY: You give a lot of press conferences. Maybe, like, too many?

GATES: I think he’s right. Maybe don’t give so many.

OBAMA: But you should see the speeches I have lined up. They’re all so…emotional. I’ve got a new one on infrastructure that quotes Rosa Parks for no reason. But it makes you cry.
There's much more, so go read John Kenney's "A Beer with Obama"... It's hysterical!

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