Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Is This What Jim DeMint Thinks Will Break Obama?

If we’re able to stop Obama on this it will be his Waterloo. It will break him.”

Man, if Jim DeMint, and the PartyofNoicans, have to turn to Abba, they have surely gone beyond being irrelevant.

Abba - Waterloo

A 35+ year-old song?

Yeah, Abba was good, probably the best of danceable, bubble gum music

Oh ... Wait a minute ...

This is about all that Healthcare fussin' ... You know, what the PartyofNoicans are saying, let's slow down, talk about it more, as if about 50-years of talking about it hasn’t been enough.

Newt Gingrich is singing the song also?

And, Little Billy Kristol wants to apply his debunked PNAC plan to healthcare?

Well, if Gingrich and Kristol are leading the opposition (DeMint is just a understudy lunatic), as Victor Laszlo said in 'Casablanca';

"This time I know our side will win"...

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bb said...

You think that's bad, check out the hunger strike: http://thediscust.com/?p=718

Reaganite Republican said...

Barack Obama will never -I repeat NEVER- say to your face what he actually plans to do or achieve with these huge new government programs.... like bankrupt the private health insurance industry. Good-faith disclosure is simply not how Obama operates-
Rather, you get some calculating and specious auditory with styrofoam props to wow the plebes, like the tacky Greek columns in Denver.

To him, the revolutionary ends justify the Alinskyite means- so the Dear Leader just tells you whatever he needs to, he knows what’s best for you anyway.

And the truth is that Obama is out to nationalize health care.. they’ll be no private insurance industry left after five years of Obamacare… but of course he’s lying about it.

As for the American public, the reality that Obama is dishonest and out-of-control seems to finally be setting-in; the poll numbers are now headed steadily south- is he already facing his Waterloo on this legislation?

Looks like it from where I'm standing...