Friday, July 24, 2009

Top Ten Cloves: Newly Discovered Facts of the Prof. Gates - Sgt.Crowley Debacle

News Item: The Facts Of The Gates Case

10. Reason Prof. Gates didn't want to step outside was that PBS film crew hadn't set up yet

9. Since the person that made 911 call, and person who took picture of Prof. Gates in handcuffs, didn't know who he was, a "Meet The Neighbors" block party being planned

8. After Obama statement, Prof. Gates kept running up, standing next to Sgt. Crowley, wearing a "I'm With Stupid" T-Shirt

7. Prof. Gates, initially, misunderstood, thought Sgt. Crowley was asking him to "break dance"

6. Polls showing people confused, think Prof. Gates is actually Jazz Trumpeter Lester Bowie

5. Cambridge Police consulted with Leonard Pinth Garnell, for the "Loud and Tumultuous" line in their reports

4. If Prof. Gates wouldn't come out his house, Cambridge Police had plans to get New Haven Firefighters to come, and extract him

3. Sgt. Crowley got agitated, only due to Prof. Gates continually referring to him as "Officer Krupke"

2. Prof. Gates got agitated only due to Sgt. Crowley continually referring to him as "Skippy"

1. Real reason Sgt. Crowley arrested Prof. Gates was to pressure him, to cough up President Obama's Birth Certificate

Bonus Links

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Bonus Bonus

On Monday, over at Alas, a Blog, nojojojo, in her post, had a commenter place this video, from David Chappelle, with the note to pay attention at the 1:05 mark, for a killer punch line

Dave Chappelle's Funny Ass Shit

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