Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lazy Afternoon ... Taking The Day Off

Yeah, I know, he hits the 3,000 mark in posts, and, it's all coasting the rest of the way.

No, no such swelling heads on this end.

More so, we had such a spectacular day, weather-wise, here in the Northeast, it was compelling, to get outside and enjoy it, as opposed to being anchored to the computer, reading and writing (and we do have, about, ten, partially-written posts in the chute).

So, sorry for waiting until this evening to post about our lazy afternoon.

This isn't nearly as good as the Bob Dorough version (in fact, it's, almost, rather campy), but it will do;

Marlene Dietrich, Lazy Afternoon

(Also, you can check out Grant Green riffing on it)

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