Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Top Ten Cloves: Things Bill Belichick Was Thinking, Just Before Going For It On 4th Down

News Item: Bill Belichick enters another elite club

10: Was trying to remember how much change he had in his pocket

9. Thinking that, maybe, he should have jumped into the NY-23 race

8. Feared many will "Unfriend" him on Facebook if he blows the call

7. Instead of coming up with what play to run, was trying to remember the words to the Bon Jovi tune playing in his head

6. Wondering how meddlesome he would be, if Rush Limbaugh owned the Patriots

5. Since he's married now, debated about pointing out, to Tom Brady, the busty cheerleader on the sidelines

4. Was preoccupied with coming up with anagrams of Peyton Manning's name

3. If he blows it, hoping that Sarah Palin's book coming out will bury his gaffe

2. Should have looked at all the films, of the Colts' signal-calling, before the game

1. Not making it puts him in the chute for one of those "Should'a had a V-8" commercials

Bonus Bill Belichoke Riffs

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