Monday, December 21, 2009

'Tis The Season ... White Christmas

Thanks to the wall-to-wall snowfall this weekend, it will be a White Christmas, for a whole bunch of folks, from North Carolina, to New Hampshire.

And, we did our part, shoveling, just about 12-inches of it yesterday.

And, they did something other than shoveling, down in the the Nation's capital, where there was a "Twitter Snowball Fight", complete with firearms (shoot, when we were kids, people just got out of their cars, empty-handed, and chased you a block, or two)

So, between the on-going recovery from that, and a somewhat jammin' day otherwise, on the Homefront, we will kick off getting into the season's spirit, on this first, official day of Winter.

I believe we posted this last year, but that doesn't matter ... It's The Bird, and a kick-ass tune

Charlie Parker -White Christmas

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