Sunday, March 28, 2010

One Love

Leave it to the PartyofNoicans.

Their obstructionism is so rooted in their DNA, they drink it, they eat it, the wash themselves in it, that they can't come halfway to meet the Democrats in a toothless, boiler-plate press release to call out, and damp down, the growing incidents of violence.

In part, due to their "Armageddon" rhetoric, over the recent Healthcare Reform war, bricks have been thrown through windows, members of Congress have been spat on, had racist and homophobic slurs hurled at them, even, received death threats, even having their families and children threatened.

So, how does 'Noicans' handle this?

GOP says "Hell No" to civility

Kind of in the "water is wet" category but it's useful to archive that the DNC asked the RNC to co-sign a joint statement condemning the death threats and violent acts being committed after the reform bill was passed and RNC chair Mike Steele effectively said Hell No.


Steele's response was, “we don’t need to do anything on their schedule or on their timetable.” Or in other words, if Democrats are for it, we're against it.
Steve Benen has more;
What a surprise.

We are, after all, talking about an RNC that recently put together a fundraising presentation filled with donor insults, offensive caricatures, and an admission that the party will rely on little more than "fear" to win. In the wake of the health care breakthrough, the RNC is desperate to make right-wing activists as angry and agitated as possible -- which is why Michael Steele is describing the Affordable Care Act as "Armageddon" and demanding to see Speaker Pelosi on "the firing line."
I don't know ...

Perhaps everybody should take a step back, light up a big, fat spliff, and let Bob Marley take it from here;

Bob Marley - One Love

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