Thursday, May 06, 2010

The Madness of March Money

Show Me The Money!

In the article, "CBS Considered Paying ESPN to Take Tourney", the words "college athlete" never appears

Instead of making a deal with ESPN, CBS decided it would be more profitable to share the tournament with Turner Sports and agreed last month to pay $10.8 billion from 2011 to 2024 under that arrangement.

CBS preferred that deal because it enabled the network to maintain its connection to the tournament while carrying fewer games and mitigating the huge losses it was forecasting over the final few years of its previous contract.

Turner’s games will be on TBS, TNT and truTV, and starting in 2016, CBS and TBS will alternate the Final Four and the national championship game, a major coup for a cable network.

They could have, just as easily, been talking about Pork Futures.

With all that money being tossed around, television - and the schools - making millions-to-billions, the sad-sack chatter of kids bolting to the NBA for big bucks sound very, very hollow.

I wonder if this is in an schools' Finance curriculum?

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