Monday, May 03, 2010

Flying Monkey Illiustrated

We got a "Covergirl" email today, from the Flying Monkey perch at Human Events, heart-clutching, and breathlessly throwing rose pedals on the Queen of the Flying Monkeys, Michelle "Stalkin'" Malkin, for being "covergirl" of this month's other Flying Monkey perch, Townhall;

Michelle Malkin has been making a killing doing what she does best: exposing the corruption and lunacy of America's liberals. And the Left can't stop her.

Most people know her as a conservative firebrand who has written best-selling books, including "Culture of Corruption," which dealt with the shady characters that have populated the Obama administration, and "Unhinged," which exposed the lunacy of the Left.
Not to mention the bestseller book, of her endorsemnt of Internment

In which reviewer Eric Muller noted in his "There was no good reason for the mass internment of Japanese Americans during WWII.";

That passage alone should tell the reader this book is not a trustworthy work of history but a polemic--The O'Reilly Factor masquerading as the History Channel.


But Malkin does not so much as mention any of that evidence, except to say that a reader can find it elsewhere in "pedantic tomes" and "educational propaganda." She dismisses what she cannot rebut.

These objections to Malkin's handling of the evidence are the concerns of scholars and historians, and some may think them unfair measures for the work of a political columnist. "I am neither a historian nor a lawyer," Malkin reminds her reader in the book's prefatory note. But even political columnists are bound by ordinary rules of inference and logic, and it is on this score that her book fails even more spectacularly.

And others;
The book proved to be highly controversial when published, with Asian-American groups in particular being highly critical. John Tateishi, the Executive Director of the Japanese American Citizens League issued a media release on August 24, 2004 stating "Michelle Malkin's book In Defense of Internment: The Case for Racial Profiling in World War II and the War on Terror is a desperate attempt to impugn the loyalty of Japanese Americans during World War II to justify harsher governmental policies today in the treatment of Arab and Muslim Americans."

The organization Historians' Committee for Fairness condemned the book as "a blatant violation of professional standards of objectivity and fairness".[6]
We'll make her The Garlic's "Cover Flying Monkey of the Day", with some of our highlights;

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