Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Top Ten Cloves: What Iraqi Assembly Will Do Over Next Week To Build Constitution

10. Sending a few member to Crawford, to see what Cindy Sheehan thinks they should do

9. Study Jeanine Pirro's public speaking style

8. Wants to wait and see if Roberts gets confirmed

7. Will receive delegation from ABC, to talk about new reality series - Desperate Assembly Members

6. Come to terms with GoldenPalace.Com, for piece of Baklava with image of Allah on it

5. Planning to have a "Constitution Sunday" and they will invite Bill Frist

4. Build consensus to dump Islam and start talks with Southern Baptists

3. Debating whether or not to wait until they have Constitution to condemn Bush for naming female White House Chef

2. Assigning teams to search through eBay for any used Constitutions

1. Starting talks with Israel, to see if Sunni's can be moved into Gaza also

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La Bona said...

Something related here …

Osama bin Laden is NOT a human being!

Sounded scary, isn’t it?

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