Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: Things Overheard At President Bush's State of the Union Address

10. Are we missing American Idol tonight?

9. I'm surprised Cheney is here … Thought he'd sit this out and watch it from his Secret Bunker

8. Is Alito wearing Sandra Day O'Connor's robe?

7. Don't look now, I think Kerry is going to try to filibuster the speech

6. What do you want to bet the Frist has already loaded up on energy company stocks

5. Boy, Tim Kaine giving the Democrat's response ... Man, his wiretaps will have wiretaps

4. It doesn't matter tonight … For what's said, it might as well be James Frey up there talking

3. I got my staffers on-line right now, banging away at making entries in Wikipedia on the speech in real-time

2. When is Santorum going to introduce the legislation to ban gay cowboy movies?

1. Did Bush clear the "addicted to oil" thing with Cheney?

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