Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: Problems The Illegal Immigrant Boycott Caused The White House Yesterday

News Item: Boycott Gives Voice To Illegal Workers

10. White House Tours cancelled – No one to set up the velvet ropes

9. Homeland Security jammed up, investigating hundred’s of “brown paper bags” that turned out to be lunches brought from home

8. Presidential Look-Alike Steve Bridges couldn’t get cab, so he worked the Oval Office with President Bush

7. Field Generals in Iraq badgered White House all day – Since they’re in country illegally, should they boycott and protest as well?

6. Congressman Tom Tancredo picketed the White House, with sign that read “See, I Told You”

5. Press Secretary Scott McClellan had to change his line to “Can’t comment on an ongoing boycott”

4. Six retired illegal immigrants called for Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeldto resign

3. Bolten’s shake-up plans delayed – Can’t fire Treasury Secretary Snow until he finishes crunching numbers from boycott

2. Before morning briefing, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales pissed off the President by quietly singing National Anthem in Spanish

1. Had to cancel Mission Accomplished Anniversary plans – No one to hang the banner

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