Thursday, August 24, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: Things About New York Times Hiring A Perfume Critic

News Item: New York Times Names...Perfume Critic?

10. I’ll give it about three-days before the Wall Street Journal writes an editorial tying in the criticism of perfume with supporting terrorism - just before they hire they’re own perfume critic

9. Will not change longtime historic motto to “All The Scents Fit To Stink”

8. Be careful if you ask Friedman for any opinions - He’ll only change his mind about three times over it

7. If you get any calls from former NYT reporter Judy Miller, hang up - She doesn’t have any reliable sources on caches of “Perfumes of Mass Destruction in Iraq

6. Won’t be long before Hollywood comes calling; New York Time Perfume Critics On A Plane

5. Especially since news hit the President Bush likes fart jokes, advised not to go around newsroom, asking people to “smell my wrists”

4. Hmmm ... Further monetization of New York Times Select - Can you say Times Select Smellorama!

3. Thoroughly briefed on the Jayson Blair period; Creating own perfumes will not be tolerated and will be cause for termination

2. Don’t expect Keller to sit on any “big, hot perfume pieces” - He only does that for the White House

1. Most of our writers and columnists appear, as experts, on networks like CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS and PBS - You’re going to have to bring us up to speed on the ... QVC

Hmmm ... Can you say Times Select Smellorama!

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