Saturday, August 26, 2006

Weeding The Garlic Patch - New Garlic Weekend Feature

Weeding The Garlic Patch - New Garlic Weekend Feature

Time to do a little weeding of The Garlic Patch (or, if you must know, cleaning out the Draft Folder), before indulging in a thoroughly needed lazy afternoon.

If you feel the same need, check out the perfect soundtrack for it, courtesy of the legendary Jazz singer, Bob Dorough

Louder, please, Mr. Allen’

Seems like Senator George Allen’s (R-VA) Confederate Flag may be getting a bit tattered ... Who’s giving Allen apology advice - Hillary Swank?

Air GQ?

Air Marshalls in Big Kahuna threads?

Where are the blaring, prop-heavy pronouncements from the White House? ...That Hawaiian shirts are now being employed in the Global War Against Terrorism...Better to wear them over there, as opposed to wearing them here ... Just “adapting to win”, I guess ...

Everyone That’s A Real Planet, Take One Step Forward - Pluto, You Sit This One Out

With Pluto getting their intergalactic pink slip this past week, does Disney go back and re-edit (can you say DVD sales?) all of its’ films and cartoons, plugging in a smaller dog?... What happens to our horoscopes now? When there’s a Pluto influence, do they print it in smaller type?

The Garlic reported on what President Bush is doing about it earlier this week

You Just Knew The 10-Days Weren’t Enough

Well, since he lost Crawford, he had to go somewhere ...

If the old Saturday Night Live used Fidel Castro instead of the other guy, we’d lose a classic punch line (“ Generalissimo Francisco Franco Is Still Dead”)

Perhaps you’ve noticed, with Iraq, Iran, Israel, Hezbollah - and JonBenet Ramsey - dominating the headlines, we’ve been left hanging on the condition of Cuba’s Fidel Castro ... Dead or Alive? ... There are a few cloves that feel news of our favorite dreaded Communist leader should be resurfacing, with the Midterm Elections getting hotter and heavier ... Karl Rove, or Bush’s Point Man (Our Man Not In Havana) Caleb Charles McCarry must have something in their fabled playbook ... And likely, you’ll see all those pompous GOP pols and candidates, who huffed, puffed and screeched to save Terri Schiavo and keep her tubes in, will be calling for the Cuban MD’s to pull Castro’s out ...

Wonder if Bill Frist will be culling over videotape on this one

Would God Vote On A Diebold Machine?

Hmmm ... This guy is not listening to Katherine Harris ... Where’s Pat Robertson when you could really use him?

Primary-Losing Joe Has Not Left and Not Gone Away

Okay, raise your hand on this one ... If Senator Joe Lieberman (I&R-CT) does manage to get reelected, what happens first;

A) He caucuses with the Republicans, or B) Submits legislation to abolish primary races?

Secretary Rumsfeld? ... The Democrats Would Like To See You Before Your Go Home

We know Rumsfeld has a bark and, quite likely, a good bite to go with it ...

So, we can expect some classic Rummy self-asked-and-answered questions in the not-too-distant future ...

The Dems need to be careful - they may end up voting the vote they have, versus voting the vote they want

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