Sunday, August 27, 2006

We Don’t Have To Show You No Court Order ... The Results - The Garlic's Weekly Poll August 20 - August 26 2006

Court Order? ... We Ain’t Got No Court Order? ... We Don’t Need No Court Order! ... We Don’t Have To Show You No Court Order! ...

Whether it’s Alphonso Bedoya, or Attorney General Albert Gonzales, Vice President Dick Cheney, or President Bush, our Garlic Poll Voters believe it will be business-as-usual, despite a Federal Court declaring the Administration’s “Terrorist Surveillance Program ” illegal and unconstitutional - and it was with an overwhelming margin of votes

The Results - The Garlic's Weekly Poll August 20 - August 26 2006

With the Federal Court in Michigan slapping down President Bush’s illegal wiretapping last week, the White House is likely to...

1. Continue wiretapping, as usual, without Congressional or FISA Court oversight ... Tally - 51%

2. Start bombing Iran, to push this off the front pages, and push the President approval rating up (into the high-30’s, at least) ... Tally - 18%

3. Outsource the wiretapping to the British, who conduct it within the law, and, seemingly, they actually catch terrorists with it ... Tally - 16%

4. Rally the base, blaming the Ned Lamont victory, into a frenzy with another round of Justice Sundays, decrying the Democrats and liberal courts who want to give in to the terrorist ... Tally - 14%

This week’s Poll - With the first-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina this week, the most outrageous act the White House is likely to undertake is ...

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Memo To President - When a hurricane appears in the Gulf of Mexico, and it's nearly half the size of the Gulf of Mexico, you need to cancel your vacation and get your ass back to Washington to mobilize the massive aid that's going to be needed

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