Monday, August 28, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: Things Overheard At The Emmy’s Last Night

News Item: Sometimes on Television, Dreams Really Do Come True

10. If Ellen Burstyn wins, you know the race is on for someone else to get nominated or win for 10-seconds of work

9. I already know who’s going to win tonight - Rich Armitage called me earlier today...

8. I though Bob Newhart was dead already

7. I heard that CBS is going to sign the Spellings, right here, tonight, for a new Survivor - The Spellings War ... Aaron would love it!

6. Thank God he quit and we don’t have to “love Raymond” this year

5. Watch when Julia Louis-Dreyfus goes up on stage ... That wasn’t her Elaine character, that’s the way she really dances

4. Conan is hosting? You mean Schwarzenegger is going to be here?

3. Look, over there ... Leary’s saved a bunch of seats for his dead ghost buddies from Rescue Me

2. I heard Vice President Dick Cheney say today that winning an Emmy “emboldens Al Qaeda-types

1. We’re gonna be trapped in here for about three-hours ... I hope they give us a few JonBenet Ramsey updates

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