Sunday, August 27, 2006

Weekend Special - Sautéed Cloves 27 August 2006

Nobel Prize-winning author Guenther Grass has been hit with new controversial charges, as HDNet Anchor and Reporter Dan Rather says he has "authentic papers" showing that, when serving in the Texas Army National Guard, Grass received preferential treatment, rarely reported for duty and left the program, yet received high marks and an honorable discharge

Senator Joe Lieberman (I&R-CT)
is eagerly awaiting a ruling due this week, from the Federal Election Commission, on whether he is a candidate for reelection, or a "dwarf candidate" that would not be eligible to stay in the big campaign

Washington Post reporter and author Bob Woodward
disclosed today to his editors, for the first time, that he knew of Hurricane Katrina in advance, but choose not to write about it, or tell anyone, for fear of actually having to go down to flooded New Orleans on assignment

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld delivered more bad news, telling the Russian American Colony Singers from Anchorage, Alaska that they would have to serve a tour of duty in Iraq. The group was stunned, believing they were meeting Rumsfeld as part of the festivities for a memorial of the Alaska-Siberia Lend Lease program

The Bush Administration is defending its budget cuts to fight the Avian Bird Flu Pandemic, citing a controversial program in Europe, which claims to have trained birds to wash themselves in public drinking fountains

Iraqi cleric Moqtada Al Sadr blasted the CBS network with charges of prejudice and profiling, for not including any Arab-American teams in their latest incarnation of 'Survivor', which will pit other races against each other

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